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Professionally at Your Service

Someone you can trust
The most important thing when choosing a real estate professional is to find someone you can trust. We have a
history of success and integrity in real estate that you can depend on. Our agents are experienced negotiators
with expert knowledge of the local market. You can count on us to always work with your interests in mind,
and to represent you and your wishes to the very best of our ability.

Broker Debbie Hagel and 20 of her Finest Agents.Customers For Life
Every one of our clients is unique, and that is exactly
how we treat him or her. We are proud to say that a high
percentage of our business comes from past clients-
from people who choose our services time and again.
We don't measure our success by sales, but by the
relationships we build along the way





Bhupal Babajiyavar: (860) 913-4938 bhupal.baba@gmail.com
Jack Burns: (860) 424-2387 burnsj2000@hotmail.com
Jeff Coleman: (860) 471-3470 colemanrealtor@yahoo.com
Penny Damiata: (860) 343-3665 sebpen@aol.com
Yvonne Eisner: (860) 306-8063 yeisner@comcast.net
Gary Garofalo: (860) 604-6745 garygmrmiddletown@hotmail.com
Michael Howley: (860) 398-0233 trk34@aol.com
Adam Johnston: (860) 992-6210 apjohnst@gmail.com
Bernadetta Kreciglowa: (860) 584-1773 kreciglowa@sbcglobal.net
Pat Malatesta: (860) 638-7196 pmrealestate@aol.com
John Milardo: (860) 770-2261 jmilardo8117@comcast.net
Lenny Orlacchio: (860) 604-5073 lorlacchio@sbcglobal.net
Teresa Pytlik: (860) 418-9529 teresapytlik@yahoo.com
Lizz Riley: (860) 301-6359 riley_lizz@sbcglobal.net
Shirley Salafia: (860) 635-1691 shirleyasalafia@yahoo.com
Susan Simeone: (860) 301-3523 suesimeone23@gmail.com
Jacklyn Tobin: (860) 704-9659 jacklyng12@gmail.com
Ryan Vincenti: (860) 834-9505 ryan.vincenti@gmail.com
Cindy Wolak: (860) 301-6098 cindywolak@aol.com
Cheryl Zalewski:
(860) 930-9506 cherylzalewski@sbcglobal.net



Jeff Polke:        (860) 221-5015 jpgci@aol.com



Mary Harrington:          (860) 635-8801 harringtonmary60@yahoo.com 



Debbie Hagel:             (860) 982-7503 debhagel@yahoo.com                



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